creating timeless imagery while ensuring our clients are able to stay present in the moment. 

There are emotions in life you never want to forget. Photography is our tool to capture those feelings and preserving them for our clients. The problem is, every time you see other people’s photos, you’re worried yours won’t look like that, and the feelings will be forgotten.

You can plan every part of your wedding except for the authentic moments that are unique to only you, so when you’re not looking – they’ll be lost.  You know what we do best? We find every intimate moment amidst the chaos and don’t leave anything to chance.

Welcome to Kathy Thomas Photography, a dually based wedding photography & video team in Nashville, TN & Orlando, FL. From the very start of your experience with KTP, we pride ourselves on building meaningful relationships with our couples - learning about them, their families, the things most important to them and their day to ensure that we don’t miss a single moment.

intimate moments are our speciality