Kathy Thomas Photography couldn’t be as successful as it is without my team. I’ve been so careful about bringing on team members who share my same passion for love and photography and drive for success. Our team is divided between Nashville & Orlando. Whitney lives full time in Orlando, Christina and Cody (not in picture to right) live full time in Nashville, though Cody is like Kathy and moved to Nashville from Orlando where they met working weddings together. Kim's also in Orlando, steps in for sessions and events while also running her own fashion photography company full time. I, Kathy, split my time between Nashville & Orlando, Orlando is home during wedding season in Florida and Nashville during their season; thankfully they don't have the same season!



Christina has been my sidekick for over three and half years, we have literally traveled the country capturing weddings, events and so much more from Wyoming, Colorado, obvi Florida and Tennessee and we frequent New York City. Christina is an extremely talented photography who has been studying her craft since high school. Christina knows how to put our clients needs first, builds their confidence on the other side of the lens and lives for deep rooted conversation. to be honest she is also way better than me at car ride karaoke. 


associate photographer

Whitney has been a photographer since she was old enough to hold a camera. She is a double threat as she shoots both digital and film. I met Whitney in St Augustine when we were both there photographing separate weddings. Whitney is kind, creative, and truly a great spirit. Whitney has a patience, which welcomes the opportunity for her to see all the intimate moments and capture them in all their beauty. We have been shooting weddings together and she has been lead shooting weddings, family sessions and events for Kathy Thomas Photography for over 5 years. The moment you meet her you feel a since of comfort and calm, and know she is capturing you in the most beautiful way. 


associate photographer

Cody is the newest additional to our team.  After 8 years of photographing weddings, one of the things I always enjoy is having great synergy with the videographer. I can't say that is always achieved, but when it is I feel like the couple gets the best experience. After three years of trying to convince Cody to join KTP to offer video to our couples, he decided to say YES and I couldn't be more ecstatic. Cody shares the same passion and love for weddings that I do, and the fact we have a great time together at weddings is a huge bonus. Our couples love Cody's energy, his take charge attitude to ensure he gets all the shots he knows are important to them. Cody has wedding videos that have our millions of views, if that doesn't speak to his talent I don't know what does?!?  COMING SOON LINK TO CODY'S VIDEOS... We can send them your way too until then. 


lead videographer

Hi guys! I’m Kristen - former KTP bride and current communications/client coordinator. Me, my husband and my sweet little girl, Parker, live in Orlando, FL. When I’m not tending to our couples or obsessing over the weddings we get to capture, you can find me in one of three places: the kitchen (I LOVE to cook), Target (whoops) or Disney World. When Kathy and I first met to discuss my wedding I arrived with a pretty intense 3" binder organized with all the details of my day, she instantly said "I need you in my life". Kathy always joked that she would love it if I worked with her, and here I am as her right hand ensuring our communication is timely and that our clients get the attention needed when she is on set shooting. She also had me develop this new website we are both pretty proud of as it was a long time coming. We have a lot more great things in store for our couples. 



communications/client coordinator