You made it this far, YAY!  Now it's time to share a little about me and a lot about my number one goal; to make your day be the best photo experience you have or will ever have by having me by your side. I'm not just a photographer, but an art director too. After years in luxury retail as a director I am confident & comfortable handling large events, lots of moving parts, challenging or perhaps ie: in-laws or intoxicated guests that need a little direction *wink*wink so they enhance your photos and well not... you know!
First and foremost, my main focus outside of taking photos; is to take all the pressure off you for the day, capture every little intimate detail, direct to ensure you look your absolute best in your photos (I promise I will not let you look bad and if needed give direction to guide you); all while ensuring we have fun and you enjoy every moment.  My clients are those who cherish milestone moments but also want someone who can insert themselves when needed to keep things running smooth all while ensuring their images evoke emotion in them when they view them upon delivery. I want you to not only have beautiful modern imagery but a full experience, you deserve it!
I got into photography because when I got married,  I discovered I had a passion for photography enough to leave a great corporate career to pursue this dream. I love documenting NY Fashion Week, Branding, Families, Weddings, Corporate Events and so much more; the diversity of my portfolio keeps me inspired and challenged. I myself knew that I couldn't leave my wedding to a selfie or instagram moment. I needed to trust my photographer since my wedding photos are some of my most cherished memories, I want this for you. 




Though there are many photographers who can take great pictures, there isn't another kathy thomas. kathy immerses herself in the moment with you. her profound ability to make you laugh and feel comfortable allows for her to take the most candid shots. kathy photographed our wedding and i can't thank you enough for crying, laughing, dancing and posing in the photobooth with us. This won't be the last time i work with her. highly recommend! -  

briana & jeff | bella collina