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Megan and Connor initially met through mutual friends at a house warming party, but it wasn’t until months after that they went out on their first date — it's one of their favorite stories to tell and one that made us fall in love with them as our KTP Clients: 

The real story begins with the couples' first date at Gilt Bar in Chicago (best first date ever for Connor | top 5 for Megan). After learning of their mutual weakness for old fashioneds, Connor "smoothly" told her to look for the guy standing at the bar with the first round in hand upon her arrival. Not accounting for the city's winter weather, Megan was greeted by barstools occupied by men wearing what she described as "identical Canada Goose jackets". In hindsight, could Connor have ended the torment of her tapping each gentleman on the shoulder only to see it wasn't him? Perhaps. Did he choose not to take the high road because he enjoyed watching the awkward situation unfold? No one can be certain. The records were lost.

When the two were seated, Connor was promptly notified that Megan had an interview the following morning and that the date would need to promptly end in two hours. In his mind Connor thought, "well, this date is going well - she already has an exit strategy". Four hours of in-depth conversation later, Connor and Megan were asked to leave because the bar was closing.

As he walked her home, Connor tempted fate and asked Megan to join him for a nightcap at one of Chicago's best kept secrets, Redhead Piano Bar. After checking their coats and taking a seat at the piano, Connor proceeded to request and serenade Megan with a 27 Dresses rendition of Benny & the Jets, falsetto, electric boobs and all (for those unfamiliar, head to Youtube). A calculated move on his part as this would either result in (i) her immediate departure from the bar and his life or (ii) the realization that this woman could be THE ONE. As she smiled and pulled him closer on the dance floor, he had his answer.

The rest is history.





their engagement 

After a long work week, Connor surprised Megan with a little R&R trip....or so she thought. Unbeknownst to her, Connor took her parents out to dinner the week prior to ask for their blessing - this R&R trip was about to be the start of their forever. 

They pulled in to the Ritz Carlton in Amelia Island after a few hours of driving, dropped their bags off in the room and they were off to their first activity - which just so happened to be Megan's favorite childhood pastime - horseback riding on the beach! 

After the best afternoon on horseback followed by some sun bathing, the two got ready for a "nice dinner".  Megan should have known something was up about an hour into getting ready when Connor kept periodically poking his head into the bathroom asking for time checks, which felt like every ten minutes! His tune quickly changed to “take your time, I want you to get everything you need to get done to look and feel your best for dinner.. no rush” Suspicious arose, but nonetheless, Megan took full advantage of the extra time and began re-curling her hair that fell flat thanks to the wonderful FL humidity! 

It wasn't long before Connor popped back in and asked if Megan was “almost done” because he wanted to catch the sunset on the beach before dinner. Megan, getting whiplash from the changes in demeanor, says "well if we don’t make tonight’s, they’ll always be another one tomorrow” to which his eyes widened and  panic come across his face. Off they went to catch the sunset with a small request from Megan to grab a cocktail before heading to the beach which was met with "no, not now" from Connor....first of all, rude. Secondly, who watches the sunset without a cocktail? She knew something was up. 

Connor and Megan were hurrying to  “the perfect spot to see the sunset according to the concierge”, when Connor began to attempt to throw her off and redirect her gaze by telling her there spotted dolphins jumping through the waves. As they got closer to “the spot”, Megan noticed a very sweet, romantic type of picnic setup and immediately dug her heels in the sand. As she's about to say “we can’t go any further, someone is getting engaged here” she began to put it all together. It was her, she was the someone who was about to get engaged. 

Connor got down on one knee and as Megan was saying the easiest yes she's ever said in her life, she saw a group of people running straight towards them! It was her entire family and Connor's parents, who due to Covid, they hadn't seen in over two years.  What shocked Megan the most, after the romantic proposal, obviously, was that her family clearly can pass FBI level lie detections with how well they all fooled her leading up to the engagement. 

All of their favorite people in their favorite place made for the best. day. ever! 

Photography was at the forefront for Megan and Connor when thinking about the important elements of their special day. Of course they wanted it to look beautiful, for people to have an awesome time and the dance floor to be bumping etc., but it’s all so fleeting and goes by SO fast. The future Mr. and Mrs.  really wanted their photographer(s) to help them capture all the special moments, people and love that was surrounding them that day. To quote Megan "Kathy and her team absolutely exceeded all expectations! We now have a slew of unbelievably beautiful photos to look back on and help us relive the best day ever. " 

The favorite part of their day was opting out of the ever-so- popular first look - something Megan did with just her dad and brothers. Megan loved walking down the aisle and seeing Connor  standing before all of their friends and family. 

In true Connor fashion, he surprised Megan just days before the wedding day with the  most epic honeymoon ever - starting in Paris and stopping in Florence, Italy and Santorini, Greece before wrapping up their blissful honeymoon in Mykonos. 

From the bride: "Be present and to carve out pockets of time for just one another! It all truly goes by in the blink of an eye and I found that trying to stay present and live in the moment just made me that much more appreciative of what an incredible day it is. You get to marry your best friend and have all your favorite people in the same room! So live in the moment, take mental snapshots and just enjoy each minute of it. " - Megan B. 

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